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BPEL Works

You know that a standard works when you can go from one implementation to another, without too much effort. BPEL has been promising such interoperability for quite some time, but to the extent of my knowledge, it has never been demonstrated at a large scale in a production environment. Until now. Over the weekend, Coghead went from one BPEL engine to another, and it worked without a glitch. Today, we can safely say that as an industry standard, BPEL really works. [Continue…]

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Who Needs BPM as a Service

Two weeks ago, a couple of independent BPM vendors announced plans for the release of BPM platforms to be offered as a service. This got the BPM digerati all excited, and for a day or two, the most enthusiastic commentators were raving about the prospect of getting BPM on tap directly from your web browsers. Then, some cared to read the small prints, and quickly realized that they would have to wait a little bit more for their newfound dreams to come true. [Continue…]

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Inferences for ‘07

Last year’s inferences lead to an unexpectedly high 83% success rate. This will be hard to beat, especially because my new batch of nine inferences will be stated in more measurable ways, leaving little room for history rewriting. Let’s give it a shot anyway, and meet again on December 31st, 2007 for our yearly performance review. In the meantime, happy new year to all! [Continue…]

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364 days ago, I published my inferences for ‘06. A year has passed, and time has come to take a look back and see how good (or bad) I did back then. Tomorrow, I will publish a new batch, and review them a year from now. [Continue…]

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WebEx Connects the Dots

If you think of WebEx as a Web Conferencing company, you might be in for a surprise when you see a demonstration of WebEx Connect, which was announced yesterday. In a nutshell, WebEx developed one of the most innovative Office 2.0 user interfaces, connected it to the Cordys BPM 2.0 platform, and deployed everything on a grid, making Connect one of the most interesting on-demand platforms I’ve seen in a long time. [Continue…]

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Lucky Monday

Nobody likes Mondays, or at least I cannot fathom why anybody would. On such a day, a full week of work lies ahead of you, and it always seem like an extra day is needed to recover from the adventures of the weekend, whatever they might have been. Yesterday was a little different though, for it brought such as collection of good news that I found myself wishing that today would be Monday again, and the same would be true for the rest of the week. [Continue…]

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It is all Part of the Process

SAPPHIRE 2006, Day One — Morcheeba’s last LP (Part of the Process) must have been playing on Henning Kagermann’s iPod lately, for his keynote was all about business processes today. I expect to learn more about SAP’s long-awaited Business Process Platform (BPP) when I meet Kaj Van de Loo tomorrow, but here is what Henning had to say about BPM, eventhough he made no mention of the acronym during his speech. [Continue…]

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Grids are Beautiful

Last month, I wrote about 3TERA, the company developing the amazing AppLogic grid operating system. Today, I formally joined 3TERA’s Advisory Board. My own experience pales in comparison to the company’s other advisors, but I will do my best to add some value. [Continue…]

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One of the many challenges faced by anyone implementing Office 2.0 applications or adopting the Software as a Service model is the scalability of the underlying infrastructure.’s growing pain are closely monitored, but Web 2.0 services such as and Flickr suffered from the same ailments at times. Developing some online application with a clean user interface that will work consistently across multiple web browsers is difficult enough. Add the requirement to make the application scale to millions of users in a matter of months and the task becomes impossible to most. Here comes 3TERA. [Continue…]

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I have been invited by SAP — or more precisely my friend Jeff Nolan — to join the bloggers corner at SAPPHIRE in Orlando on May 16-18. All expenses, including flight, hotel and registration are paid by SAP AG. [Continue…]

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The World is Flat Breakfast

The first IT|Redux breakfast took place today and was a great success. The goal of the meeting was to identify the 11th flattener, following Thomas Friedman’s list of 10 flatteners in The World is Flat. [Continue…]

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Accounting with Office 2.0 has demonstrated that Software as a Service can work, both technically and economically. As a result, multiple alternatives are currently being developed, notably Zoho CRM and Sunrise, the upcoming CRM application by 37signals. It’s great news, for a cheaper alternative to would be welcome. Nevertheless, there is one business function other than CRM that is in need of an Office 2.0 solution: accounting. [Continue…]

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The World is Flat

I just finished reading The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist and author of The Lexus and the Olive Tree. In his last book, Friedman identifies ten events and trends that are flattening the world we live in today. I agreed with most of the thesis, and tried to relate to it my own experience working at Intalio.

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Transparency builds Trust

Because most of my personal and professional data is stored into, I am connected to it more than twelve hours a day, five to six days a week. As a result, I can monitor in near real time most service disruptions that have been plaguing this great application over the last couple of months. If Bruce Daley is right, such disruptions might be related to scalability issues with the Oracle database, mainly because the entire application is running off a single Oracle cluster. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but two recent moves from make me think that they are getting serious about addressing such issues.

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Basecamp for PRM is one of the greatest tools for CRM, but as such it works best with existing customers. For wannabe customers, also known as prospects, something slightly different is required. I call it PRM (Prospect Relationship Management), and I’m currently experimenting the use of Basecamp for it. In essence, Basecamp can be used as a […]


BPM Inferences for ‘06

This is my first monthly BPM column for Business Process Trends. In order to set the stage for a new year of BPM, here is a set of inferences for ‘06 based on my personal experiences, insights and desires. Some are fairly straightforward, others highly speculative, but most should matter to all BPM practitioners. Interestingly enough, the first inference — BPM will go mainstream — got a step closer to being fulfilled this morning: IBM just announced the release of the new System i5, also known as iSeries, also known as AS/400. As part of this announcement they are featuring a front & center quote from yours truly. Intalio|BPMS becomes the first BPM solution to be available for System i5, and if that does not make BPM mainstream, I do not know what will.

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For a New Software Distribution Model

As Martin LaMonica from CNET wrote recently, enterprise software companies are starting to feel the pinch when selling to corporate IT buyers. Commoditization through Open Source on one end, consolidation of the industry around a handful of behemoth players on the other, make it increasingly difficult for enterprise software vendors to compete in an effective manner. This article makes a case for a new software distribution model that will change the rules of the game.

Continue Reading | 9 Comments | Winter ‘06 Released Winter ‘06 was released last night. Among other improvements, a new user interface, AppExchange and recurring events, a trivial but highly useful feature. presented this upgrade as a major one, and indeed AppExchange makes it a big deal. Nevertheless, the upgrade was absolutely seamless, as we shall see later in the post.
The new user […]


Inferences for ‘06

Happy New Year to all!
Everybody does it, so here are my inferences for ‘06:
BPMS will go mainstream
With BPEL gaining support for distributed transactions and human workflow while BPMN is receiving the blessing of the OMG, industry standards are making the BPMS ready for mainstream adoption. Just in time for Gartner to release the first BPMS magic quadrant […]

2 Comments | Outage

On Tuesday December 20th, some users (including myself), mostly in North America, experienced intermittent access between approximately 9:30 am and 1:00 pm ET & 2:00 pm and 4:45 pm ET. The outage was explained by executives and commented in interested ways by Phil Wainewright on ZDNet.
This incident, and the unrelated problems recently experienced with […]

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