Adopting Twitter

Saturday, June 20th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Over the past couple of weeks, I have started to use Twitter to push some updates on Intalio, my traveling, and some elements of my personal life. My Twitter feed is available at @ghalimi, and syndicates feeds for both IT|Redux (professional blog) and (personal blog). This feed is also displayed on IT|Redux’s right column. Moving forward, I will use IT|Redux for longer articles, mainly focused on Cloud Computing.

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Tips for the Modern Traveler in Japan

Monday, June 15th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

It’s 8pm local time, I just came back from a delicious teppanyaki dinner in Ebisu, and I am sitting on my hotel room’s balcony, on the 11th floor of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo. From my MacBook Pro’s speakers, Gábor Szabó is playing The Sorcerer, and I am enjoying the cool breeze of an early rainy season. It’s my 16th trip to Japan, and over the years, I have learned a few things that might be useful to people traveling there for the first time, especially when traveling for business purposes. [Continue…]

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Who Is This Cloud For?

Tuesday, June 9th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Following Intalio’s presentation in London yesterday, Aditya Tuli wrote a critical yet constructive post commenting on the announcements we made recently. I have to agree with most of Aditya’s points, and would like to take advantage of this opportunity to clarify a couple of items. First, Intalio|Cloud is indeed targetted at larger organizations, especially the Managed On-Premises option, mainly because this product was designed in partnership with our larger customers. That being said, Intalio|Cloud is also available to much smaller teams, with the On Demand option. Second, we said very little about Intalio|BPM Community Edition indeed, and I will make sure to cover it in more details today in Helsinki, tomorrow in Brussels, and later this week in Paris and Frankfurt. Furthermore, we remain fully committed to our community, and have just put the final touches on Intalio|BPM Developer Edition, which will be formally released on June 16. Aditya, many thanks for your feedback and support. I very much look forward to your comments in Intalio|BPM and Intalio|CRM once you find some time to play with them.

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First Cloud Customers

Monday, June 8th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

We just signed our first two Intalio|Cloud Managed On-Premises customers. More soon…

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Process Table

Sunday, May 31st 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

We just released a screencast showing how to model and execute a process from a spreadsheet! This is what we call a Process Table, and it’s part of the new release of Intalio|CRM to be available on June 2nd. Congratulations to Antoine and his team for this amazing piece of work, direct result of our Dogfood Project, and first creation of what will soon be called Intalio Labs.

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Friday, May 29th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Keep an eye on JavaOne, for we might announce something cool then…

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Intalio|Cloud Appliance Model C1 Mark I

Thursday, May 28th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

As many of my readers know, I love computers. At any given point in time I use a couple of desktops and three or four laptops. But I have a real fascination for larger systems, which is why I studied parallel computing in graduate school. Today, I fulfilled one my dreams: building a really large machine. We just published some more details about the Intalio|Cloud Appliance Model C1 Mark I, including a full list of components, and detailed specifications. This is a superlative computer in every possible way, with the most cutting edge hardware and software money can buy. Serial Number 00000001 is standing proud in our new data-center (the same as Facebook’s), waiting for us to put some serious load onto it (our on-demand offering is currently hosted on Amazon EC2).

Here is what the Mark I gives you:

  • Standard 19” Rack
  • 16 Compute Blades
  • 16 Storage Blades
  • 32 Quad Core Intel Xeon X5570 2.93GHz CPUs
  • 128 CPU Cores
  • 2.3TB 1333MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 Memory
  • 24.5TB Solid Stage Drive Database Storage
  • 560TB Hard Disk Drive File Storage
  • InfiniBand QDR Networking Fabric
  • Gigabit Ethernet Networking Connectivity
  • Directly Attached SAS Storage Connectivity
  • 1 Management Server
  • 1 Screen, Keyboard, and Touchpad

We’re now working on the Mark II model, which will break the Petabyte barrier.

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You Got It!

Wednesday, May 27th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

When announcing a new product or a new strategy, some things usually get lost in translation, either because you did not get a chance to personally brief the journalist or analyst who wrote a piece on your announcement, or because the story just wasn’t solid enough. To my surprise, none of that happened with the launch of Intalio|BPM, Intalio|CRM, and Intalio|Cloud last week. While we released four new products (including a hardware appliance) and laid out a fairly complex story, everybody got it, down to the most subtle details of our business model (managed on-premises). Some of the best articles came from Brenon Daly, James Taylor, and Phil Wainewright.

It looks like we hit a chord…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, May 26th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Intalio and never dared to ask.

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Intalio|Cloud Press Conference Webcast

Saturday, May 23rd 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

The webcast of last Tuesday’s event is now online.

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No Limits

Friday, May 22nd 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Here comes Intalio’s new tagline.

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Intalio Foundation

Thursday, May 21st 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Over the years, Intalio has made numerous contributions to the developers community, through the creation of many Open Source projects, and the donation of code bases worth millions of dollars. After ten years, we feel that time has come for us to support other communities as well, and we are creating the Intalio Foundation to support this effort. As a first project, the Intalio Foundation will make our business applications available to communities of non-profit organizers, artists, and solo entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s initial endowment will be one free user account for every ten accounts of Intalio|BPM and Intalio|CRM On-Demand sold between June 1st 2009 and May 30th 2010, with an initial grant of 100 seats worth over $100,000. If your organization qualifies for such a grant, or you know an organization that does, please send your application to

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Utility Based Pricing for Private Cloud Computing

Wednesday, May 20th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

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Rocking and Rolling

Tuesday, May 19th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

We did it! Today, Intalio successfully released Intalio|BPM Business Edition, Intalio|CRM, Intalio|Cloud, and the Intalio|Cloud Appliance, plus a working version of the ultra-cool Process Table built for the Dogfood Project, powered by a preview release of the brand-new Intalio|BPM Developer Edition and fully integrated with Intalio|CRM. Registrations for Intalio|BPM and Intalio|CRM On-Demand are now open, and everything seems to be working flawlessly. Of course, we’re still in Beta for both products, so bugs are to be expected, but at least we’re live. We also announced two acquisitions: ProcessSquare in Germany (we never formally announced it until now) and CodeGlide in Argentina. A short version of our big story is available on this press release, and the full story is on the updated Intalio website. Rock on!

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Mad Rush

Monday, May 18th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Tomorrow, Intalio will release four new products, two of which are available on-demand, and one is made of atoms rather than bits. We will also announce the closing of another acquisition that is taking the company to a whole new level. As a result, we had to make significant changes to our website, move to a much larger data-center, implement native multi-tenancy in many parts of our product stack, integrate our online applications with our marketing automation, salesforce automation, billing, and accounting systems, all while putting the final touch on Intalio|BPM 6.0. In other words, we’ve been pretty busy. If you want to know more about what’s going on at Intalio, check our website tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10am PDT, or join us for the launch party.

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Wednesday, May 6th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

While Facebook is moving out of Palo Alto downtown, Intalio|Cloud is moving into the same datacenter used by Facebook. We just received our first blade servers from HP this morning, and are working around the clock for the May 19 launch. If you want to know what this is all about, join us for the launch party.

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MacBook Pro 17″

Saturday, April 11th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

The new MacBook Pro 17” is awesome!

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Weather Forecast

Saturday, April 11th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

On May 19, 2009, Intalio will change the forecast on cloud computing.

Meet us at the Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley at 10AM PST.

Please RSVP.

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New Additions to the Families

Wednesday, April 1st 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Intalio is days away from closing an acquisition that will be quite a game changer. While we were working on this deal, the quarter shaped up pretty well from a bookings standpoint, and we decided to raise our target by 15% two months into it. Today, I am pleased to report that we not only made our original target, but we also exceeded our revised target by another 3%. Not bad in such challenging economic times… In the meantime, another family got a new addition yesterday: Tao Aidan Chang Ghalimi made his way out to the world, just in time to close this quarter in style. Exciting times…

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March Haiku

Tuesday, March 10th 2009 | Ismael Ghalimi

Funds are being raised
Acquisitions are being closed
Bright, chilly morning

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